Races in the campaign are mostly standard, which is to say that they are the same as they are in the slandered D&D books (player’s handbook for example) in terms of their stats or physiology. However this page isn’t about that, this page is about the history of the various races. (And the difference in their stats or how they are viewed in the campaign)

Elves: Elves are the oldest race on Adrahin, and possibly the world as a whole. They have existed since the First Age, and are more magically inclined likely due to having their being infused with arcane magic, which was far more powerful in the First Age. Due to their natural inclination to magic, many of the more prominent mages from the first age were Elves. As a result of the decline in magic’s potency, and due to the rebellions against mages and the Uthredi Empire, popular opinions of Elves dramatically decreased near the end of the First Era. While persecution of Elves due to their race’s inherent magical ability still exists in some areas today, in areas where mages are looked upon in a positive way, Elves often share in such positive praise. Kovaria for example, is very friendly towards Elves.

Changes to Elf Stats: One bonus Metamagic feat if the character uses arcane magic, except if they’re bards, afore mentioned opinions of Elves manifest in Npc attitudes. The bodies of Elves are more reactive towards magic however, and spells used against them gain +1 to their caster level.

Humans: Humans are the dominant race in Adrahin, they make the majority of the Drelan Empire. Humans are the descendants of Elves, and came to be after the First Age. This is due to being born in a time where arcane magic is far less powerful, and as a result many humans focused more on training their physical abilities. Humans do not have any sort of disability in using arcane magic however, but many humans do not trust users of arcane magic from the history mages have as oppressors, though this is not universal. A large amount of the paladins who created and enforced restrictions on mages following the fall of the Uthredi Empire were humans as well.

Changes to Human stats: One bonus feat (chosen from list of fighter bonus feats) if the character is a fighter or a paladin. This replaces the bonus feat that humans normally get. Some humans will have a less positive attitude towards characters using arcane magic.

Gnomes: The origin of Gnomes in Adrahin is an… interesting topic. Nobody is really sure where they came from originally, as they are not native to the realm according to most recorded history. There is little known for sure about how gnomes came to Adrahin, what is known is that they appeared near the end of the First Age and the fall of the Uthredi Empire. They brought bards with them, and other than those facts there is nothing else known for sure about Gnomish history, any facts that might have been recorded have most likely been destroyed with the fall of the Uthredi Empire. What is known about Gnomes is that they brought the first Bards into the world with them, and that they are very adept merchants. Everyone is kind of confused by them.

Changes to Gnome stats: one bonus metamagic feat or other feat with bard as a prequisite, if character’s class is bard.


Changes to Half-Elf stats:


Changes to Half-Orc stats:


Changes to Halfling stats:


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