Shit to do:
1. Background info
2. Main questline
3. Characters
4. Side quests
5. Personal quests
6. Setting (actual physical locations)

I’m making this in my spare time so that we can finally do a long-lasting campaign (like spelljammer).
And considering how much fucking free time I have on my hands, expect this to be a very long, and very in-depth campaign. Even if we never actually do this campaign, it’s probably healthier for me to work on it than it is to do what I normally do in my free time. (video games, listen to music, sitting around wondering what I should do)

I’ll be expecting a LOT of roleplaying to be done.
And I cannot stress this enough…
DO NOT DO THINGS THAT ARE STUPID unless you have a low intelligence score, in which case you get a little more leniancy.
Try to think about the possible consequences of your actions before you take those actions.
I will also be expecting backstories for the player characters to have been made. If what you have for your backstory doesn’t meet my standards, I will edit them so that they do. If you don’t like what changes I’ve made, then redo it yourself to be at the same level of detail that I have in my version of your character’s backstory.

Make sure to put your character on the website under the “Characters” page, this does include adding all of your character’s stats to the page. This way I can plan things out better, and if you forget your character sheet then you’ll still be able to play.

A note about backstory: While backstories may, and will differ, all PC’s that use arcane magic will have one common detail about their backstory. At a young age they were taken away from their familiy by the government to be trained in the use of magic until they matured, and they are already in service to the government. Bards are exempted from this rule.

This website page will serve a very important role for the campaign, so I want people to actually use it.
This includes keeping any information you find out in the campaign, and want to be able to remember, on this website, if you ask me to, I will not restate any important details you found out and don’t remember. Keeping a seperate sheet of paper with the information you want to record would be fine in other cases, but in this case I want to know whatever your character knows at all times. Using the website allows me to do this.

If you don’t remember then your character doesn’t remember, any information on this website that you can read is safe to use in the campaign. Treat details ad information you record on this website as your character’s journals or something like that, but whatever you are treating this as, it has to be a physical object that you carry with you. This does mean that if your character ever loses that object, then you cannot use the information on this website (don’t delete whatever you have recorded on the website if this happens though) that is not directly related to your character (such as backstory stuff). If your character does lose whatever they’re using to record this information, you must either recover it, or get a new journal (or whatever you want to use) and copy down information that has been kept track of by another party member. This does mean that whoever is copying the information will be able to see any kind of secret information that is there. (Unless these secrets are hidden by magic or something similar, which you must do on your own, during the campaign)

How to add secret information to your journal:
If you want to have some sort of secret detail in your journal, then contact me and tell me what you want to add. I’m not using the version of this website I have to pay for, so the closest I can get is to put whatever you want hidden into the GM only section. If you’re character has whatever object they’re using to record information on their person, then you can ask me about the information you’ve kept hidden.

This whole message will permanently remain here, so I can drill this into your heads.

Story Begins Here:
(I will post this later)

The Great Masquerade